Communicate with anyone in your company with ease. Just dial their extension and you can freely talk no mater where they are located.

Auto Attendant

Replace the need for a receptionist with the automated Auto Attendant.

Hold Music

This feature enables you to play recorded music or even marketing messages while your customers are on hold.

Call Hold

You can hold any call so any of your employees can pick up the call.


Setting up voicemail is easy to do and can be done for any of your extensions. Listen to your voicemail online or have them emailed directly

Speed Dials

Setup your most dialed numbers using the speed dial option.

Call Transfer

You can transfer any call to another extension. Either put the call through directly or let the person know who you are putting through.

Out of Office

Easily set up the hours of operation to work according to your business hours.


Setup queues for each department and set the system to ring one or a number of extensions first before going to other phones or even voicemail.

Inbound Call Blocking

Have control of who can reach you. Call blocking lets you block specific numbers or even send them straight to voicemail.


My Business Phone keeps all record of your calls making it simple to view all the call records for any extension. We include all the relevant information like number called/time & date.

Call Screening/Announce

Call screening is an essential business tool to improve the performance of your employees. Authorized personnel can listen in on employees calls with your customers to monitor the conversations. Helping train your employees to improve thier communication skills.

Greeting Recordings

Setup a greeting recording to let your customers know who you are.

IVR Recordings

Record a message for any part of your companies IVR. Different recordings can be used for each department

SIP Devices

Have multiple SIP devices registered whether you are in the office or working from home.

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