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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cloud based PBX system?
Cloud based PBX's are stored on the web through secure servers that means there is no expensive hardware infrastructure needed. Cutting the costs down dramatically on your communication needs.
Do I need any special equipment to use this service?
There is no special equipment needed so long as you can access the internet. Because everything is cloud based you will need an active internet connection and a IP phone. You can choose either a software based phone or a physical phone which we also can provide at an additional cost.
How long before setting up my account can I receive calls?
Once your account is setup and you have a device connected you can receive calls. We issue numbers immediately so you do not need to wait for these to be activated.
I have my own IP phone, can I use this with your service?
Yes you can use any IP phone whether it is a physical phone or a softphone. SO long as it is IP based it can be used with our system.
Can I change the number you have given me?
You can certainly request to change the number we have provided you. Just send a request in to us and let us kow what kind of number you are looking for and we will do our best to accommodate your request.
Can I set up other lines in a different location?
You can set up a phone in any location whether in the UK or abroad so long as they have an IP phone or softphone.
Can I record my own voicemail message?
Yes you can set your own personal greeting easily through your account.
Can I add more extensions or phone numbers after I sign up?
You can add additional extensions and phone numbers for an additional small fee.
Can I transfer my existing phone number to My Business Phone?
Yes you can port you number over to My Business Phone. Just purchase the plan you require and go through the setup details. We will issue you a temporary number. Once this has been completed simply email with a request to port your number over. We will need the Phone number you are wanting to transfer the provider and the account number with that provider. The porting process can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks depending on the current provider.
Can I get an international Number?
Yes we do offer international numbers to over 100 countries. There is a monthly charge for the international number and a setup fee. Please contact us for rates.
What kind of calls are included in the plans?
The minutes included in your plan are for UK numbers both Landline and Mobiles. Premium numbers and calls abroad are not included but can be called at an additional rate per minute.
Are there any commitments? How do I cancel my monthly subscription?
We bill on a rolling month by month basis which means you can cancel the subscription at any time before your next billing date. Should you need to cancel for whatever reason just contact us and we will cancel the subscription for you so you do not get any further charges.
Whats the refund policy?
If you are not happy with the service and wish to cancel it we will issue you a full refund within the first 30 days. We will issue a prompt refund no questions asked. We will however deduct any call charges that you have made from the refund.
Whats if I have other questions?
If you need any further help please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing